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Breeding Functional &Versatile Rottweilers


AKC & UKC Dual Registered

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There's nothing quite like a well-bred Rottweiler. We spend many hours studying pedigrees, longevity, genetics and the health of each of our dogs, so that we can consistently produce conformationally correct, solid temperament, and healthy dogs. Our dogs are from heavily titled show and working lines and several have multi world champion parents and grandparents. We don't stop there. We title our own dogs and don't rely on import titles or import health testing. Everything is repeated for the OFA and titles are earned as well. Our Rottweilers are versatile dogs. Amazing companions and family dogs yet still capable of doing whatever activities you may want to take on together as a team.


We compete in Obedience, Scent Work and even FastCat and Agility with our dogs, allowing us to see a wide scope of what they can do mentally and physically. We also train Search and Rescue and produce service dog candidates upon occasion. We place BSEs or Breed Standard Evaluations on all of our breeding dogs at the age of two years old as well as have our dogs pass a CGC and a BH at the age of 18 months. A BSE is a ADRK and FCI regulated exam in which a judge thoroughly tests the dogs to ensure the dogs don't have any disqualifying faults and to see how well they conform to the breed standard. We recently have begun focusing more on producing potential service dog candidates. Please be aware while our waiting list for the service dog programs may be long, we take pride in our program and require several in depth applications and calls to find out if our dogs will be a good fit. Please see our Service Dog page for more information.


 We test all of our dogs through the OFA for Hips and Elbow Health, JLPP, NAD, DM, & LEMP, and utilize specialists to test our dog's Hearts and Eyes for any genetic issues. All of our dogs have their CHIC number at the age of 2 years old. We are certified Excellent in our health testing standards through GoodDog and we are proud to be able to partner with them! GoodDog has been an industry leading program designed to help pet owners find and build relationships with reputable breeders. As breeders we submit all of our health testing proof and paperwork into them for evaluation before being granted our certifications in addition to the OFA. 


We focus on breeding AKC registered healthy & stable dogs from imported European show and working lines for our Rottweilers. We are producing dogs we intend to keep for our program and building up our lines, although we do like to use outside studs as well for diversity. Our dogs are beloved pets first and foremost, and are raised in the home. As breeders, we feel a sense of responsibility to prioritize the overall health and temperament of each of our puppies, and to ensure that they are loved and well cared for prior to joining their forever homes. Every adult dog in our kennel is health tested extensively and receives at minimum their CGC temperament title before even being considered to be bred.​ We then utilize our dogs in either real world work like Search and Rescue or go on to title in multiple different avenues. We utilize Puppy Culture and Avidog puppy rearing protocols to help ensure happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated puppies. 


We utilize Puppy Culture and Avidog puppy rearing protocols to help ensure happy, healthy, and mentally stimulated puppies. One size rarely fits all, and that’s why we use a combined approach when raising our litters. We use elements of Puppy Culture, Avidog, ENS and the Volhard Temperament tests in a combined program with wonderful results. Our puppies are exposed to multiple different types of stimuli through their short time with us so that we can better prepare them to be successful in their new homes. We also do ESI or Early Scent Introductions for all of our litters to increase their brain activity and expose them to more stimuli. All of our dogs are raised in the home and not in outdoor kennels. They are beloved pets first and foremost.


We do not dock our puppies. Why? Because there is no legitimate need for a Rottie to have a tail docked. It's always been about personal preference and not the betterment of the breed. If you prefer your tails docked, we are not the breeder for you. Dogs use their tails for balance and communication, and by cutting them off we aren't doing the dog any favors. The AKC does not require docked tails although it is preferred by some judges. Having a tail is not a disqualifying fault. There are many top ethical breeders who are finishing dogs and putting points including Championships on tailed Rottweilers now. A dog's worth is not determined by his/her tail but rather by overall conformation, pedigree, temperament and health. If all of that is in order there is no reason to be obsessed with tails. In fact the FCI and ADRK standards require Rottweilers to have their full tail to be shown.



Both Jeffrey and Annie grew up on opposite sides of the United States, but through the grace of God, they met, fell in love, and began working with Rottweilers in early 2018. They have produced multiple litters including several service dogs for Mobility, Medical Alert and PTSD work and several working personal protection dogs. Some of their dogs have gone on into other breeding programs and the Sieger ring, while others have excelled in Search and Rescue or just as being wonderful companions. Both Annie and Jeffrey come from very experienced backgrounds in multiple breeds and found their true passion in Rottweilers. Our passion for God plays an important role in our lives and shapes our breeding and daily decisions, from our pricing to our health guarantees



Gianna D.

"Great Breeder, great experience and extremely informative. Ana stayed on top of everything and always kept me up to date with what was going on. If I ever had questions, she was quick to respond and still gives advice. Highly recommended! And also got a beautiful pup out of it too!


Mike R.

“Buying from Jeff and Annie was such a pleasure. They were knowledgeable and friendly as well as very fair prices for the amazing quality of their dogs. My Simba is healthy and happy and I couldn't be happier! ”




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