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We are blessed to be able to own this impressive foundation girl. She comes from the best of the best bloodlines and has amazing health and temperament. We are breeding for health, longevity and a solid and bombproof temperament and our girl exhibits just that. Protective when necessary but easily able to distinguish friend from foe she is that once in a lifetime dog.


Denali Wachter Des Appalachian, CGC, CGCU, CGCA (Denali)

Denali is our AKC registered, OFA CHIC certified foundation female. She has her CGCA and CGCU titles and was a working SAR dog but is now retired from that. We still take her out and do mock searches in the local parks and urban areas to let her enjoy herself. She is a calm, beautiful girl very loyal and loving. She has high food drive and med/low toy drive. She is a daughter of multi champion Tito Earl Antonius X Bea Vom Klicevo. She is the grand daughter of Imperator Vom Haus Zschammer and has produced multiple working service dogs both Psych and Mobility. She loves her puppies and is an excellent mother. Her OFA and Embark link is below.

OFA HIPS: Good OFA ELBOWS: DJD1   Cardiac: Clear/Normal EYES: Clear/Normal   JLPP: Clear NAD: Clear DM: Clear Longhair Gene: Free

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