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Denali x Zipo Vom Tannenfeld » Planned Spring 2022

Meet Zipo Vom Tannenfeld. Zipo is truly something to behold! He is a very large male at 165lbs. His temperament is stellar and his ball drive is very high. He is clear for JLPP, and has Excellent Hips and Normal Elbows and from some of the nicest imported Serbian lines including multiple World Champion and International Champion line dogs. He has a large head without being extreme, which will bring a nice structure to the puppies while still maintaining functionality and the beauty that is the Rottweiler! Above looks we prioritize health and temperament over everything and Zipo has it in spades! He is very sweet, kind and social to other dogs and his family. He has the correct watchful yet never aggressive temperament toward strangers. We are excited to see a Denali pairing with him and see how the puppies may turn out!

FCI Hips: A (Excellent)

FCI Elbows: 0 (Normal)

JLPP: Clear



Denali x Taki Vom Klicevo  » Planned Fall 2022
(Overflow Spots only left)

 Taki is a beautiful sire, who has a very impressive list of titles. He is registered with the AKC, UKC, and Working Dogs of America. Taki is one of our most anticipated sires to date! His structure is perfect and has many working titles to prove his quality. He has been extensively health tested with results found at the link below. Being a European import we are excited to line breed back to his great great grandfather VDH.CH Balou vom Silberblick. Despite being a serious working dog, Taki is able to have a calm and steady temperament when not working and can go from a serious protection dog to completely safe around young children. He is the ultimate in protection and stable behavior. We are excited to see a Denali pairing with him and see how the puppies may turn out!

Hip: Fair  

Elbows: Normal/DJD1 

Heart: Normal/Echo 

JLPP: Clear

Eyes: Clear 

DM: Clear

LEMP: Carrier 

XLMTM: Clear 

OFA Link


Zipo Litter Waitlist

(waitlist subject to change to at breeder's discretion)


1. Breeder Pick (possibly 2)

2. Jackie R.

3. Jon Z.

4. Jeff L.

5.Jhonte S.


1.Breeder Pick (possibly 2)

2. Simon T.

3. Brian H.

4. Lauren H.

5 Dimitri R. (Open to Gender)

Overflow Waiting List

1. James V. (open to gender)

2. Stephanie B. (male)

3. Rachel C. (female)

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Taki Litter

(waitlist subject to change to accommodate Menaces list)


1. Breeder Pick (possibly 2)

2. Samantha H.

3. Frances B.

4. Michele S.

5. Stephanie B.


1. Breeder Pick (possibly 2)

2. Alexis D. (Open to gender)

3. Christopher S.

4. Rachel C.

5. Alexsandr P. (Open to Gender)

Overflow Waiting List

1. Open

2. Open

3. Open